Travels broadens the mind – Auschwitz tour

Do you know that feeling, when you meet somebody or see some movie and in one moment your whole worldview becomes open to question? If not, it will definitely come one day. I mentioned in my post, called Follow experienced people’s example, about my Auschwitz tour. Although I was kinda prepared for the character of that place, it still shocked me a lot. However, for my companion, it was the place, that totally overwhelmed him. I couldn’t believe in his reaction, as he never showed that before. The Auschwitz tour was for him entirely life-changing.

Important realization on Auschwitz tour

I met my friend last year and we get along with each others since the beggining. Together we are trying to find the best philosophy of life. We both have big experience in searching for it and are happy to have each other’s support. We went on Auschwitz tour to learn something about the thrilling history of Jews holocaust. As it turned out, we learned there some important things about ourselves as well. You can wonder, how can you think about your problems in such a place, where milions of innocent people were murdered? The thing is, on Auschwitz tour we’ve realized, that our life problems are rediculous. The concentration camp is the place that makes you think a lot. We did think a lot and felt kind of ashamed.

auschwitz tours image

Appreciate your freedom

However, it is not olny about appreciation of your life and realizing that you have the huge reason to be happy – a peaceful life. For my friend it was also realization that people are so easy to manipulate and to become inhukan. And it terrified him a lot. During the Auschwitz tour we had a chance to see the proofs of human indifference on a large scale. That also let us to realize that we can be grateful to have our own’s, opened minds.

life appreciation

Freedom was the only thing that those people in camps, were dreaming about. Today, we have so much freedom and, ufortunately, often use it in a wrong way. Since the Auschwitz tour we’ve been thinking a lot about the best way to use our freedom. Being Happy is one thing. Yet, we’ve realized it is crucial to make others become aware that they can think on one’s own.